#BBNaija2020: Big Brother Is Back And Have A Surprise Package For All Housemate

Recall that big brother told Kiddwaya,the new HOH that he will be going on a vacation and gave him three task one to respond to all telephone calls and relate the message to the remaining housemates two to fabricate a story about his absent and the last one is to manage the house well in his absent. Kiddwaya obeyed the first task and failedthe remaining two according to big brother.

Biggie then played the review of what have happened  last week in his absence and then it time for judgment.

At the end  Ozo has 1 strike, TolaniBaj has 1,strike Kiddwaya has 1 strike and  Erica has 2 strikes. As additional punishment, Erica and TolaniBaj are barred from the HOH task challenge and cannot be picked as DHOH either for next week and also Kiddwaya is barred from the games for two weeks. Also all of the three cannot be selected as deputies for their terms of punishment.

For the whole house no hot water for the next few days that is punishment for general misbehaving. They are also not allowed  to boil water through whatsoever way, they have to use cold water in their bathroom.

They also failed their Thursday  wager game.

Biggie Congratulated prince for winning Friday nights game but there will be no pampering this week.



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